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Howland Stone Store

Howland Store

As the hub of Slocum Howland’s widespread business dealings (which included tenant houses, farms, commercial operations, and warehouses and mills along lakefronts on Cayuga Lake at Levanna and Lake Ontario at Oswego), this store was also the center of Howland’s extensive Underground Railroad network. Well-documented cases of freedom seekers associated with Slocum Howland include Thomas and James Hart (1840) and the Hannah and Herman Phillips family (1843). A rare Underground Railroad pass survives, carried by Thomas and James Hart on their trip from Maryland. Other possible freedom seekers assisted by Slocum Howland include Jerome (Rome) Griger (Greger, Groger). and the Richard and Mary Gaskin family. Beginning in 1857, Slocum Howland’s daughter, Emily Howland, worked in a school kept by Myrtilla Miner for African American girls in Washington, D.C.. During and after the Civil War, she worked in Freedmen’s Schools in the South, and she and her father established and supported black schools in Virginia throughout the nineteenth century.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: Box 124, Aurora, 13026

Website: Howland Stone Store

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Brian Chappell

Location Type: Site

Freedom Seekers: Griger (Greger, Groger) (NY, c. 1840),Hannah Phillips,Herman Phillips,Jerome (Rome) (NY, c. 1840),Richard and Mary Gaskin,Thomas and James Hart

UGRR Operatives: Emily Howland,Slocum Howland