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James Canning and Lydia Fuller House

In 1838, James Canning Fuller was secretary of the new Skaneateles Anti-Slavery Society, which sent anti-slavery petitions to Congress and adopted a resolution calling for immediate emancipation. In 1839, Fuller seconded an anti-slavery resolution not, he said, “as a member of the Societies Friends [Society of Friends] but as a MAN.” In October of that year, the Colored American noted that he had been appointed by the New York State Anti-Slavery Society as a delegate to the World Anti-Slavery Convention to be held in London in 1840. In 1841, the Fullers hosted a family they had purchased from slavery. Also in 1841, James C. Fuller contributed $800 to purchase the Dawn Community near Chatham, Ontario, set up as a haven for freedom seekers, and he served on its first Board of Trustees. In 1843, Martha and David Wright sent a freedom seeker to the Fullers from Auburn. In 1851, after James C. Fuller’s death, Lydia Fuller hosted Rev. Jermain Loguen when he fled Syracuse after the rescue of William “Jerry” Henry. When he returned to Syracuse in 1852, Loguen again stayed with Lydia Fuller.

Visitor Information: Currently not open to public.

Location: 98 Genesee Street, Skaneateles, 13152

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Regina Hannan

Location Type: Site

Freedom Seekers: William “Jerry” Henry

UGRR Operatives: James Canning Fuller,Jermain Loguen,Lydia Fuller