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Pettengill House

The site in Peoria, Illinois being nominated for inclusion in The Underground Railroad Network To Freedom Program was the home site of abolitionists Moses Pettengill and his wire Lucy. The site is historically significant because or its association with Moses and Lucy who were prominent in the cause or rreedom in Peoria and Illinois. They were active in the anti-slavery movement and provided assistance to rreedom seekers on the Underground Railroad.

Moses was a founder and leader or the Peoria Anti-Slavery Society. Lucy was a rounder and leader or the Female Anti-Slavery Society of Peoria. They were also instrumental in the establishment and work of Illinois state anti-sla"ery societies. Moses was a conductor and the Pettengill home was a station of the Underground Railroad. They supported and-slavery missions to benefit freedmen. The site at the intersection or Liberty Street and Jefferson Avenue, which sen'ed as their residence from 1836 to 1862, is now part of the Peoria Civic Center.

Visitor Information: Currently open to public.

Location: 201 SW Jefferson St, Peoria, 61602

National Park Unit: No

Ownership: Debbie Ritschel

Location Type: Site

UGRR Operatives: Lucy Pettengill,Moses Pettengill