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Announcing Keynote Speaker for 2016

Michael B. Moore

Michael B. Moore, Executive Director

International African American Museum, Charleston, SC

Michael Boulware Moore is the great great grandson of Robert Smalls –the civil war hero who as an enslaved man, commandeered the Confederate ship - Planter - to freedom in Charleston harbor in 1862, served in both houses of the SC legislature and as a Member of the United States Congress from 1875 - 1886. Michael's cousin, Philippe Noisette, was named director of the Botanical Society of Charleston in 1808. Another Charleston relative, Peter Poyus, was hanged with Denmark Vesey in July, 1822. Another SC cousin, Judge Harold Boulware of Columbia, served on the team with Thurgood Marshall that won Brown v. Board of Education.

Michael received a BA from Syracuse University and an MBA from Duke University. He has had a dynamic business career with leadership experience in both Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies. This includes managing the largest brand in the world, heading a pioneering internet software firm, and leading a specialty consumer packaged goods company.

Currently, Michael is the founding President and CEO of the International African American Museum. This will be located on the site of the former Gadsden's Wharf in Charleston, the spot where almost half of all Africans who came to America took their first steps on this continent.

Michael is married and the father of four sons.