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Web Activity

National Geographic Online

National Geographic has a wonderful children's Underground Railroad activity. Kids can learn while exploring and taking part of an adventure with 'freedom seekers' on the Underground Railroad.
Click here to begin the journey



Scholastic produces products and services that educate, entertain and motivate children and are designed to help enlarge their understanding of the world around them. This on-line Underground Railroad activity teaches about Slavery, Escapes, Abolitionists and the Civil War. If you are ready to get started, click here.



House Divided at Dickinson College

House Divided at Dickinson College used innovative technology and stories to teach on the Underground Railroad. This on-line Underground Railroad Digital Classroom provides virtual field trips, a digital library and video channel. To begin, click here.



First Congregational Church of Detroit, “Flight to Freedom”

Flight to Freedom is a wonderful on-line activity on the Underground Railroad. It serves as a linkage of resources that assist in the dissemination of information regarding the Underground Railroad.  It’s told through ‘storytelling’ with a simulation of a freedom seeker’s journey to freedom. To begin, click here.