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Vignette Details

Runaway Simon


*Arkansas Gazette* December 5,1837 (December 12, 1837) ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD Will be given, for apprehending my Negro man SIMON, and delivering him to me, at Fort Gibson, or securing him in any Jail in the State of Arkansas, so that I get him again, or forty dollars, if taken in the Indian nation, and returned to me. He is very black, about 31 years of age, 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, and well made. Had on when he absconded, on the 7th inst., a fur cap and a drab surtout, and rode away a light cream-colored mate. He was raised in Chalmers county, Alabama, afterwards sold to Winey, a Creek Indian woman, with whom he immigrated to the Creek nation west. He was last seen on the road to Little Rock, and it is supposed he will attempt to make his way to Alabama or Georgia, by the route the immigrants came. B.L.E. BONNEVILLE Fort Coffee, Nov. 18, 1837