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Vignette Details



Arkansas Gazette April 5, 1836 (November 26, 1836) $300 REWARD RAN AWAY, in February last, from the farm of the subscriber, in Chicot county, Arkansas Territory, TWO NEGRO MEN viz: GEORGE, a small active fellow about 4 feet 7 or 8 inches high, about 21 yeas of age; his mouth large, and his color black. TOM, a large fellow, a little upwards of 6 feet high, black complexion, and wears a gloomy countenance; about 28 years old. Ran away, at the same time, from the farm of A.H. SEVIER, a Negro man named TON, about 6 feet high, 30 or 32 years old, of black complexion, his jaws appear to be swelled from tooth ache. These Negroes were purchased in the Creek Nation of Indians, west of Arkansas, and are supposed to be together, and will probably go to the Creeks, either on the east, or west of the Mississippi river. I will give the above reward for the above described three Negro men, or ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for either of them that shall be delivered to me, or my agent, either on my farm, in Chicot county, Arkansas Territory, or at Little Rock. BENJAMIN JOHNSON Little Rock, April 11, 1836