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2006 Network to Freedom Grants

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Riverside, CA; Straight from The Underground Passbook ($16,150)  Grant allowed for research on 10 key figures associated with the Underground Railroad: Frederick Douglass, John Price, Josiah Henson, Addison White, Anthony Burns, Harriet Jacobs, Harriet Tubman, Henry Bibb, Henry "Box" Brown, and John Parker.  These individuals were selected based on the compelling nature of the stories as well as their ability to capture the attention of young people. The research will be compiled in a passbook for the play. The passbook is scheduled for completion by the first performance in April 2007.

Washington, District of Columbia; Blanch K. Bruce Monument Restoration ($6,610)  The grant will stabilize Senator Bruce's headstone and level its setting.  Necessary repairs to the road leading to the site of Sen Bruce's grave will improve access for both visitors and workers

Jacksonville, Illinois; Restoration of Roof  ($25,000)  Grant funds will be used to replace the cedar shake roofing of Beecher Hall's roof in order to halt the deteriorating condition of the roof, prevent rainwater infiltration of the underlying roof structure, and preserve the structure for future generations of visitors to the site.

Elsah, Illinois; Rocky Fork Kiosk and Education Project  ($17,500) Grant will be used to conduct historical researched needed to tell the Rocky Fork Creek Story and assist in the construction of an informational kiosk to be located on the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway.

Godfrey, Illinois; Archeological and Historical Research of the Rocky Fork Community ($24,930)  The goals of this grant are: to nominate Rocky Fork as a National Register Property to help protect its almost pristine condition, to perform archeological survey to find additional historic sites in the area, to evaluate the archeological resources at some of the known residential sites, and to perform historical research into the origins and activities of this community.

Peoria, Illinois; Preston Jackson Sculpture of Pettengill Home Site ($25,000)  A statue to commemorate Moses Pettengill standing in the front door of his house welcoming three freedom seekers to safety will be erected at the site of the Peoria Civic Center

Fountain City, Indiana; "Souls Seeking Safety" Visitor Center Interpretive Program—Phase I ($23,357)  Phase 1 of this grant will provide the research for an exhibit coinciding with the opening of the Levi Coffin State Historic Site Visitor Center.  The Center will provide an introduction to the Coffin House and will feature the lifestyle and history of notable Indiana Underground Railroad activists. 

Percival, Iowa; Blanchard Home Site Cemetery ($5,253)  Grant provides for archeological research to include remote sensing, laser transit mapping and other non-invasive research methods to efficiently discover sites, features and burials  Area trees will be stabilized to enhance the site and signage will be installed explaining the historical importance of this site.

Preston, Maryland; Dr. Anthony C. Thompson Farm in Poplar Neck, Preston, Maryland (1946-ca. 1858)  ($20,000)  This grant will provide a foot-noted, fully referenced land and cultural history report of the area and a report that carefully analyzes the structures in Poplar Neck that date from the period of Tubman's activities in Poplar Neck.  These structures include the surviving portions of Dr. Anthony Thompson's dwelling.  The researched materials, together with the analysis of the structures will be used for enhancement of the Finding a Way to Freedom Driving Tour

Bowie, Maryland; Research and Interpretation Development for the Belair-At-Bowie Flight to Freedom  ($13,300)  Research provided by this grant will draw together a group of scholars and museum professionals to explore slavery escapes and the relationship of the churches in the neighborhood, resulting in educational and interpretive materials.

Detroit, Michigan; "All Our People"  (Flight to Freedom at First Congregational Church) ($25,000)  This grant will support research, interpretation, and education to develop a handicapped-accessible version of the Flight to Freedom.  The multi-level nature of the present experience does not permit complete barrier-free accessibility.  A smaller 2000 square foot version will utilize movable partitions and space and sound systems which will result in a barrier-free exhibit.

Ann Arbor, Michigan; Harwood House Restoration  ($25,000) The work in this project will begin the steps necessary to stabilize the structure and to restore the integrity of the home's exterior.  Measures will be taken to restore the original wood siding and remove lead paint.


Albany, New York; Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence Historic Structures Report  ($15,000)  This grant will further expand the Historic Structures Report; the chronology will be extended through the 20th century and up to the present day.  New resources including newly discovered letters of Stephen and Harriet Myers, and documentation regarding the surrounding neighborhood have been discovered and will add depth to the existing narrative.  The resulting timeline will tell the complete history of owners, occupants, uses, and recorded changes to the building


Oswego, New York; Oswego Public Library Building, Oswego Early Patron & Meeting Records of the Oswego Library Ledgers ($5,000)  Grant will enable further research, preservation, and conservation of the early patron and meeting records of the Oswego Library ledgers.  These leather-bound ledgers contain records the most important library artifacts related to the story of freedom seekers in Oswego County.


Fulton, New York; Bristol Hill Church Structural Repairs  ($25,000)  Grant will be used for historic preservation to complete structural repairs to the bell tower (including jacking the tower, rebuilding the foundations, and repairing deteriorated framing), making structural repairs to the main building, funding archeological investigations per the Secretary of the Interior's guidelines, and rebuilding the cupola.  Grant will also be used to provide adequate ADA access to the church.


Aurora, New York; Site Improvement to the Howland Stone Store Museum ($25,000)  The grant will make repairs to stabilize the basement, support posts, regulate temperature and humidity, upgrade the electrical system and install security, provide handicapped access, and restore the exterior of this 1837 Cobblestone structure.


Auburn, New York: The Underground Railroad Research and Interpretive Design Project in Auburn and Cayuga County, New York ($5,000)  Over 100 specific sites/individuals have been documented that can be linked to the Underground Railroad movement in Auburn, New York.  This grant will provide the transfer of this information into other medias.  An Underground Railroad brochure, related web site and a GIS Historic Overlay will be used to link the histories of these 100 site/individuals


Burt, New York; Painting a Portrait of the McClews through Research and Documentation ($25,000)  Grant provided partial funding to repair, stabilize, and address public safety concerns of an existing mortice and tenon gambrel-roof barn.  Design an overall site plan plus an exhibit site plan within the designated area so that the Interpretive Center will function to educate visiting student groups.  Research and document the lives of Charles and Anna Marie McClew.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; From Slavery to Freedom: An Interactive Network to Learning  (Historical Society of Pennsylvania) ($15,900)  Grant will provide an opportunity to make the Underground Railroad in Philadelphia widely available online in digital form, contextualized by background readings and K-12 lesson plans.  This grant will result in an online set of freely available digital resources, providing access to rare collections for researchers, educators, public historians and the general public for the first time.


York, Pennsylvania; William C. Goodridge Freedom House Restoration Project ($25,000)  Grant will enable construction activities to convert the house into a museum by altering the plumbing system, installing a climate control system, and installing appropriate lighting and display hardware, creating a first floor exhibition space for the public.