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2005 Network to Freedom Grants

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Philadelphia, PA:  Johnson House Roof Stabilization and Preservation Project/Johnson House Historic Site, Inc ($25,000)

Grant will provide funds to restore the exterior of the Johnson House NHL, specifically work from this grant will replace the entire roof, address critical rainwater conduction repairs, and repoint stone and brick work in the most critical patches where damage is the greatest threat.

Philadelphia, PA:  Contextualizing the Underground Railroad:  Slavery, Abolition, and freedom in the HSP Collections/Historical Society of Pennsylvania ($22,650)

Grant will allow for the reclassification of the entire collection under one unifying Library of Congress classification number; find appropriate OCLC record for each item and attached HSP holdings to the chosen record; edit each record so that the bibliographical information is complete and accurate; catalogue items that do not have an OCLC record; re-house (after cataloging) the items in archivally sound enclosures to ensure the longevity of the collection; relocate and reshelf the items in their original arrangement with the society's pamphlet collection; and re-house and relabel the Pennsylvania Abolition Society Collection

Madison, IN:  Restoration of Rotted Floor Joists/Historic Eleutherian College, Inc. ($10,000)

Grant will fund the historic preservation work of replacing rotted floor joists in this NHL's first floor in order to stabilize the building and provide a safer floor system.  Work will include removing two layers of flooring and rotted floor joists, adding new joists notched into the stone foundation, installing  moisture barrier between new joists and the existing stone masonry, reinstalling planking, and putting a finish on entire first floor to match the 1850's original flooring.

Madison, IN:  Madison Underground Railroad Exhibit/Georgetown Historic District ($6,000)

Grant will fund the hiring of two qualified professionals to research, write, and design an interpretive exhibit telling the story of the Underground Railroad and related aspects of African-American heritage in Madison, Indiana.  The exhibit will be installed in the former ca. 1849 African Methodist Episcopal Church building within the Georgetown District.

New Bedford, MA:  Expanding New Bedford's Underground Railroad program through Research and Brochure/New Bedford Whaling NHP ($15,000)

Grant funded project will expand the "Discovering New Bedford's Underground Railroad History" program through a research report and subsequent walking tour guide.  The research report will explore relationships between New Bedford's white whaling merchant elite and African-American and Cape Verdean middle and working-class.


Nebraska City, NE:  Walls, Porch, and Interior Rehabilitation/Mayhew Cabin ($21,275)

Grant will provide for repair and stabilization the walls, porch and interior of the Mayhew Cabin in order to address years of deferred maintenance.  The project will be guided by the recent condition assessment report on the building.  The outcome of the repair work will allow for the full and safe interpretation of this historic cabin to the public.

La Plata, MD:  Hidden Identities: Southern Maryland Slaves and the United States Colored Troops at Camp Stanton, Maryland/Southern Maryland Studies Center ($6,861)

Grant will support: identification of United States Colored Troops from Southern Maryland differentiating where possible between free African-Americans and runaway slaves; compilation of life histories of these individuals using National Archives records; creation of a searchable web site containing this data by the Southern Maryland Studies Center.

Batavia, OH:  Underground Railroad Kiosk/Clermont County Underground Railroad Public Education Program ($19,000)

Grant will fund research, development, and maintenance of an electronic information kiosk at the new Ohio Scenic Byway Visitor Center.  The kiosk will provide an educational display of the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom (NTF) programs, facilities and sites.  Comprehensive information will be included for Clermont County's 19 sites and 2 programs, and the NTF sites, facilities and programs along the Ohio River corridor including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  An additional catalog of all NTF sites, facilities and programs will be listed by name in state categories.  In addition to the educational content, the kiosk will provide supplementary information on touring area NTF sites, facilities and programs throughout the county and the Ohio River corridor..

Cambridge, MD:  Interpretive Signage/Dorchester County Courthouse ($12,000)

Grant will provide for wayside signage to identify and interpret the UGRR and Harriet Tubman related sites throughout the county, including the Dorchester County Courthouse, listed in the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.  The interpretive signs will feature engaging graphics, brief text, and maps that highlight key places, people and events in the story of the resistance to enslavement through escape and flight along the Underground Railroad Scenic Byway.

Fulton, NY:  Structural Repairs/Bristol Hill Church ($25,000)

Grant will be used for historic preservation to complete structural repairs to the bell tower (including jacking the tower, rebuilding the foundations, and repairing deteriorated framing), make structural repairs to the main building, fund archeological investigations per the Secretary of the Interior's guidelines, and rebuild the cupola.

New Albany, IN:  Phase II of Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage/The Underground Railroad in Floyd County, Indiana ($21,500)

Grant will provide for interactive components to supplement Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage, Phase I.  These interactive components, which will appear at the end of each of six chapters, will provide opportunities for visitors to make choices about actual situations faced by freedom seekers.  Once selected, a short video clip will play and the results of the visitors' choice will be revealed. Over 40 minutes of video will be created, along with creation of the graphic template and interface to create the visual story in a DVD interactive format focusing on Floyd County Indiana's role in the Underground Railroad.


Oswego, NY:  Oswego Main Street UGRR Interpretive Signs/Buckhout Jones Building ($2,000)

Grant will provide for the installation of interpretive signage for Underground Railroad History associated two important historic structures in Downtown Oswego, the Buckhout-Jones Building and the Market House Building (both listed on the National Register of Historic Places).  The interpretive signs will emulate the Oswego County Brochure "The Underground Railroad in Oswego County—A Driving Tour" published by Judith Wellman, PhD. and Helen Breitbeck, PhD., both in style and design.  Also included in the project is a Tourist Wayfaring map to direct tourists to other Underground Railrodd sites both nearby and in other parts of Oswego County and New York State, as well as interpreting escape routes to Canada.

Topeka, KS:  Restoration and Repair of West Elevation Walls/Constitution Hall--Topeka ($25,000)

Grant will fund further restoration of this historic building associated with the Free State movement in KS and the UGRR.  Work will include: reinstalling the fallen limestone on each side of the wood frame of the building's west walls; repointing all exposed masonry of the west walls, including a structural party wall on the south side critical to the restoration; repair, realignment and selective replacement of stones as needed; and installation historically compatible windows and exterior doors to fit the openings of the original design.

Christiana, PA:  Christiana Underground Railroad Center at Historic Zercher's Hotel/Zercher's Hotel ($10,589)

Grant will provide for alterations for handicapped accessibility, porch deck safety upgrades and general improvements to provide visitors safe and easier access to the building where interpretive material will be displayed.  Wall-mounted reproductions of maps, photographs and text panels will be designed and installed based on original research conducted through this project, combined with existing documentation about the site and the region's UGRR history.

Quincy, IL:  1851 Addition Improvement/Dr. Richard Eells House ($25,000)

Grant will provide historic preservation/restoration funding for the purpose of making the 1851 addition of the Dr. Richard Eells House suitable for an orientation room and to provide a handicap accessible restroom for patrons touring the facility.  Additional work will include repairing a portion of the roof and cornice, stopping the supporting wall erosion in the basement, and removing a cellar door on the outside of the house that was added later.

Brecksville, OH:  Conduct Primary Research to Support Program/Cuyahoga Valley National Park Interpretive Program, Experience the Underground Railroad ($4,065)

Grant will provide funding for a graduate-level intern to conduct primary research to enrich the "Experience the Underground Railroad" program by establishing verifiable connections between the Underground Railroad and the Ohio and Erie Canal, as well as with specific people involved in the UGRR in Northeast Ohio.

Ripley, OH:  Rankin House Archaeological Survey/John Rankin House ($25,000)

Grant will fund archaeological survey and testing at the John Rankin House NHL, to discover and inventory the extant archaeological record relating to the Underground Railroad period.  This investigation is needed so that an accurate and comprehensive program of interpretation can be developed for the site and so that areas of the site containing archaeological deposits can be avoided during, or thoroughly studied prior to, any construction of additional visitor facilities.