Spectacular, Majestic, and Awe Inspiring

Park views inspire, and connect us to the natural world and our cultural heritage.

National parks are home to some of our nation’s most spectacular and historically significant places. Many people experience and learn about these places by traveling through park landscapes and observing scenes. Others travel virtually, experiencing parks on the web or through books and film. Often, it is the images of park scenery that stick with people and connect them to these special places. But, we rarely stop to think of these views and images as real things that should be treasured and preserved. Take time to explore this site and learn more about America's scenic views and the ways that they connect us all.

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A short video of scenery in national parks. Enjoy the view!

Towering canyon walls
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view of the ocean from behind a sand dune
Scenery 101

What are scenic views?

Last updated: September 11, 2023


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