Women's History Month

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Every March during Women's History Month and throughout the year, the National Park Service and our partners commemorate the role of women in American history. Visit any of the more than 400 national parks across the country or join a ranger program to learn more or reflect on women's contributions of past and present. Following the centennial of the 19th Amendment in August 2020, we are exploring stories of women of all cultural backgrounds and traditions who have engaged in civic life throughout American history and earlier, as well as leaders, trailblazers, and pioneers in stewardship of public lands today.

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Women's History

Explore a variety of women's history topics any time of year shared in national parks and communities across the country.

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Featured Places

Travel where women made history—in person or virtually—with featured places connected through themes and stories.

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Educators Portal

Find distance learning opportunities, lesson plans, and other educational material about history and heritage for all age groups.

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Featured Stories

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"Dear Future Girl Conservationist"

A community of National Park Service women in many fields of science give encouragement to the next generation of conservationists.

A group of park rangers and girl scouts near the Gold Gate Bridge

"Inspiring Women, Empowering Girls"

Women working at Golden Gate NRA share their stories and encourage Girl Scouts to become the next generation of park stewards.

Ranger Betty Soskin sitting near museum exhibits

Founding Women

Meet a few women who harnessed their public voices to protect powerfully important American places that became national parks.

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Women in Public Health and Medicine

Women have always been central to the history of health and medicine. Meet some of the leaders who shaped health history.

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Women's History Month in Alaska

In honor of Women's History Month, national parks in Alaska reflect on the recognition and achievements of Alaskan women.

Face of a metal statue of Harriet Tubman

Black Women and the Fight for Equality

Black women have always served on the front-line in the fight for equality. Follow the journeys of some influential advocates in US history.

Graphic that includes a picture of Ida D. Wells and text reading

"Truth is of No Color" Podcast

In this episode of "And Nothing Less," listen how the suffrage fight was as much about race as it was gender.

Portrait of Michelle Duster

A Great-Granddaughter's Reflections

One hundred years later, Michelle Duster reflects on the life and legacy of prominent civil rights leader Ida B. Wells.

Historic photo of Roane Fleming Byrnes meeting officials on the porch of a cabin

Women's History on the Natchez Trace

Follow the mileposts along the parkway while learning about women's history that shaped Natchez Trace.

Geologic rock formations in a grassy field

Making a Monument

Citizens, lawyers, and scientists became known as the "Defenders of Florissant" in their quest to make the fossil beds a protected monument.

Park ranger talking to a group of kids on a valley overlook

Women of Cuyahoga Valley

The public roles of women in Cuyahoga Valley reflect their diverse and evolving roles in society at large.

National Park Foundation

The National Park Foundation (NPF), an official partner of the National Park Service, continues to explore women’s history remembered and represented in national parks and how the current generation of women leaders are connecting people to their public lands.

Red brick townhouse with sign reading: Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site

Trailblazing Women

Tour national parks that honor the legacies of trailblazing women who shaped the history of the nation.

Visitor sitting with a notepad in a mountainous area

Every Park Has a Connection to Women

Women's contributions haven't historically been recognized at the forefront of US history, but it has always been there to tell.

Large group of women dressed as Rosie the Riveter

Women in Wartime

Follow the service, sacrifices, and bravery of women amidst times of war throughout our nation's history.

Megan Springate with the Washington Monument in the background

More than the Stuff of History

Megan Springate brings the stories of the women's suffrage movement and 19th Amendment to the forefront during centennial commemoration.

Kim Hirose Tobe standing in front of a sign for Manzanar War Relocation Center

The Power of Place

From Assateague to Manzanar, NPF’s Kim Hirose Tobe shares how national parks and her personal story are intertwined.

Christina Hausman Rhode sitting on a rock ledge over a lake

Voyage to the Top

Follow the journey of Christina Hausman Rhode, executive director of Voyageurs National Park Association.

Two women trail crew workers looking over a mountainous valley

The Grit & Passion of Park Trail Crews

Watch a short film about the journey of women living in a park working on a trail crew all summer.

Nerissa Cannon maneuvering a rocky trail on a wheel chair while assisted by a group of hikers

Adaptive Adventuring Through Parks

Nerissa Cannon has always used national parks for adventure and pushing the bounds as a rock climber.

Person fly fishing in a river lined with tree-covered mountains

Hooked on Fishing in Parks

Sue Daignault, a fly fishing instructor with a partnership, is sharing the benefits and mindfulness of the sport with others.

Spotlight on the 19th Amendment Centennial

August 26, 2020, marked the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution that gave women the legal right to vote but did not always protect every woman's right to vote in practice. In commemoration of the centennial, we are exploring the complex history involving Americans of all backgrounds fighting for and against women voting. Read stories about people's roles in the suffrage movement and beyond as the struggle for civil rights and to open more doors in civic engagement continued.

Suffragist cloak and hat in an exhibit

The 19th Amendment

Learn more about the history of the 19th Amendment and find resources, including articles, education tools, timelines, maps, and more.

Visitor in a museum exhibit about women suffragists

A Crash Course

Brush up on your 19th Amendment knowledge with a brief overview of its history, key players, and legacy.


Symbols of the Suffrage Movement

Recognizable symbols were used throughout the women's suffrage movement to invoke a narrative.

Painting of a suffragist on a horse

Race to Ratification

Follow the progress of the 19th Amendment state by state 100 years after each state ratified it.

Black and white photo of Black women holding up suffrage signs

Still Denied the Vote

Even after the ratification of the 19th Amendment, many American women were still unable to cast a ballot.

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    A Continuing Tradition of Service

    Women have played an important role in the preservation and stewardship of many places that are now national parks since before the creation of the National Park Service. Today a tradition of service and leadership continues with employees, volunteers, interns, and partners in many National Park Service career fields, including natural and cultural resource management, law enforcement, interpretation, administration, and much more.

    Historic photo of women park rangers in 1969

    Historic Women of the Service

    Explore the stories of some of historic women and the times and places where they laid the foundation for the National Park Service.

    Ranger looking at a lake

    Women in the National Park Service

    Women have shaped the National Park Service since its early days, but opportunities have come a long way since 1916.

    Biologist in waders and a flashlight looking in a pond at night

    Women In Science

    Biologists, geologists, entomologists, engineers, wildlife veterinarians and much more. ear their stories and learn more about their work.

    Featured Parks and Places

    Stories of women involved in civic engagement can be found in every national park in both the past and present as women continue to play an important role in the management of public lands. Other places where women made history are preserved in local communities through National Park Service programs and partnerships. Here are a few parks and places that were created or recognized specifically to honor women actively involved in civic life.

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