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Come join our birthday celebration on August 25! The National Park Service was created on August 25, 1916 to "preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations." Over the hundred plus years, we've grown into more than 400 national parks and many programs that reach communities around the country—and even the world!

Ways to Celebrate

  • Visit in person. There are more than 400 national parks of different shapes, sizes, and things to do. Check the calendar below for parks hosting special birthday events.
  • Follow on social media. Join the birthday fun on social media using #NPSBirthday. Find official National Park Service channels, many of which will have activities special activities or posts for our birthday.

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00;00;00;04 - 00;00;03;04 We asked for your park story.

00;00;11;24 - 00;00;13;04 These are your parks.

00;00;13;04 - 00;00;15;22 This is your story.

00;00;15;22 - 00;00;18;23 I love to hike trails and see the wildlife.

00;00;20;12 - 00;00;24;11 The National Park Service is one of our biggest strengths as a country.

00;00;24;15 - 00;00;28;17 We are lucky to have this space to learn, play, dream

00;00;28;23 - 00;00;31;23 and grow in.

00;00;45;14 - 00;00;47;21 I wanted to share my park story.

00;00;47;21 - 00;00;51;12 My name is Cindy and I'm an artist living in Durango, Colorado.

00;00;52;02 - 00;00;56;02 I've been painting landscapes ever since my recovery from Lyme disease.

00;00;56;12 - 00;00;59;05 I've always painted the scenes around me.

00;00;59;05 - 00;01;02;07 I love sharing my views of the parks.

00;01;14;27 - 00;01;18;06 The national parks have given me a profound appreciation

00;01;18;06 - 00;01;21;05 for nature and its infinite beauty.

00;01;30;09 - 00;01;34;25 Here are some of the best shots I got from our trip to Yellowstone a few weeks ago.

00;01;51;23 - 00;01;54;05 I wanted to share our park story with you.

00;01;54;05 - 00;01;57;22 My daughter Hannah is six years old and has been an ardent lover

00;01;57;22 - 00;02;02;02 of Fort Moultrie National Historical Site, earning her Junior Ranger badge,

00;02;02;11 - 00;02;06;08 her Scout Ranger Award and volunteers there as often as she can.

00;02;06;23 - 00;02;09;15 We learned recently that her great great grandfather

00;02;09;15 - 00;02;12;20 was actually stationed at Fort Moultrie prior to World War Two.

00;02;14;06 - 00;02;15;27 She's also branched out to nearby

00;02;15;27 - 00;02;19;14 parks, having earned her junior Ranger badges at Fort Sumter,

00;02;19;21 - 00;02;24;16 Charles Pinckney, Blue Ridge Parkway, Reconstruction Era and Congaree.

00;02;25;06 - 00;02;28;21 Her dream job is to be a National Park Service Ranger

00;02;28;29 - 00;02;32;08 to help encourage kids to love our parks and history as much as

00;02;32;08 - 00;02;35;08 she does.

00;02;35;13 - 00;02;37;01 This is your story.

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We asked you to share your park story and here's some of what we heard.

Graphic reading "Your Park Story. National Park Service" with national park-related images in many of the letters
Image designed by the National Park Service

What's #YourParkStory?

Each person has their own special connections with certain park places that are very meaningful to them. Maybe where they have a special memory, accomplished something they are proud of, experienced something incredible... For this year's birthday celebration, we are inviting everyone to share their "park story".

Throughout August, we are sharing stories from our staff and visitors on social media using #YourParkStory. Join the conversations and post your story using the hashtag. Learn how you can submit your story for the National Park Service to feature!

Video screenshot of a family in the woods on a mountain
"What's #YourParkStory?"

National parks and places we preserve or build in communities can have very special meaning to people. Share your park story.

Video screenshot of people looking up at the night sky
"sPark Connections"

National parks are extraordinary places to discover and enjoy. How do you connect with your national parks?

Video screenshot of a person on rollerskates near a mountain ridge line
"What's Your Wow?"

In a throwback to our 106th birthday, we asked you to share your "WOW" moments...and you delivered!

A Virtual Party

Join our birthday celebration from anywhere in the world, including home. Find virtual ways to stay connected with more than 400 national parks across the country and park party games that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Dinosaur handing out a brochure at an entrance station booth
Social Media

Join us on National Park Service social media channels where you will find events, games, and more fun!

Ranger giving a virtual science program in front of a big canyon
Find Your Virtual Park

Stay connected with national parks across the country from anywhere in the world with online resources and virtual experiences.

Infographic with text "National Parks Games and Challenges" with illustrations of parks
Games and Challenges

Test your knowledge or learn something new about national parks with games and challenges for all ages.

Find Events

Celebrate the National Park Service's birthday on August 25! Find a park near you or explore in-park and virtual events hosted by parks across the country. Set this calendar to August to find events for our birthday.

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Want to volunteer? Volunteer events will soon display directly on the NPS Event Calendar. Until then, visit to find ways to volunteer!

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