Things to Know Before you Come

Getting Around

Area closures and controlled access will affect your ability to navigate to and around National Mall and Memorial Parks during this event. Visitors are strongly encouraged to use public transportation to attend the festivities. See the sections on Site and Road Closures to help you plan your day and your route into town.

Health and Safety

Prevent Heat-related illness. Prepare yourself with adequate food, water, and shade to avoid becoming a victim of a life-threatening heat-related illness. The following pages offer more specific information:

Prohibited Items - Things you need to leave at home.

Safety - Prepare for heat and sun!

Medical Aid Stations - Get medical assistance at these locations.

Essential to Bring - Bring plenty of water and food to sustain yourself through the day.

Lost and Found - What to do if you lose or find an item, or to report lost persons.

Last updated: June 2, 2016


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