Teacher Resources: Chapter 22

Writing Prompts

Opinion: Karana and Tutok meet on the island. Would you have been comfortable making friends with Tutok? Why or why not? Support your point of view with reasons. Provide a concluding statement related to your opinion.

Informative/explanatory: Link to Voices from the Field to copy the chart showing the four words the Lone Woman may have spoken and what researchers think they mean in English. Do you know how to say these four English words in any other language? Use precise language to inform about or explain the topic.

Narrative: We know very little about Tutok from the description in the book. Write a character sketch including details about her age, what she looked like, and how she might have felt. You may want to include details about what she might have heard, smelled, touched, and tasted. Use concrete words and phrases and sensory details.

Lesson Plans

Saying Miyiiha (Hello) to the Lone Woman

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