Interactive Maps

The island portrayed in Island of the Blue Dolphins is both similar to and very different from the real San Nicolas Island.

The map layers provided allow you to explore Karana's world, created by Scott O'Dell, as well as the world of the present-day San Nicolas, including plants, animals, and natural features found there.

As you Follow the Story, you will have many opportunities to link to these maps in order to better understand island geography and environment as they connect to Karana's own experiences.

San Nicolas Island Animals

Explore and learn more about the animals that live on San Nicolas Island.

San Nicolas Island Plants

Discover some of the native plants of San Nicolas Island and learn more about what they may have been used for by the island's inhabitants.

San Nicolas Island Natural Features

Explore the natural features of San Nicolas Island.

Island of the Blue Dolphins Locations

Locate the places where Karana lived and survived during her time on San Nicolas Island.

San Nicolas Island Facilities and Roads

See what the real island of San Nicolas looks like today!

Last updated: May 13, 2017