Northern Elephant Seal

male elephant seal on beach surrounded by female elephant seals
Northern Elephant Seal. ©Tim Hauf,

Quick Facts
Type: Mammal

Diet: Carnivore: Shark, crab, squid, fish, octopus

Average lifespan: Males (bulls): 12–14 years; Females (cows): 18–20 years

Average size: Males: 10–13 ft.; Females: 8–10 ft.

Average weight: Males: 3,300–4,400 lb.; Females: 990–1,300 lb.

Did You Know?
When northern elephant seals come on shore to breed, the females will fast while mating and suckling their pups. During this time, they survive only off of stored blubber (fat) and won't eat for up to five weeks.

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Northern Elephant Seal

Last updated: November 9, 2018