Bald Eagle

white and brown bald eagle flying in blue sky
Bald Eagle. ©Tim Hauf,

Quick Facts
Type: Bird

Diet: Carnivore: Fish, smaller birds, small mammals

Average lifespan: Up to 28 years

Average size: Length: 28–40 in.; Wingspan: 6–8 ft.

Average weight: 7–12 lb.

Did You Know?
The nest of the bald eagle is the largest bird nest in North America and the largest tree nest in the world. A bald eagle nest can be as large as 8 ft. in length and up to 13 ft. deep! Each year the adult pair will add one to two feet of new material to the nest.

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Bald Eagle

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13 minutes, 46 seconds

This 13-minute film chronicles the journey of the bald eagle's recovery from disappearance on the Channel Islands in the 1960s due to DDT contamination, overhunting, and egg collecting to today's population of about 60 eagles on four Channel Islands, some that are successfully breeding.

Last updated: November 9, 2018