20 Years of Invasive Plant Management

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Youth crew restoration work along the Park Road in Denali National Park & Preserve.
Youth crew restoration work along the Park Road in Denali National Park & Preserve.

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Building on 20 Years of Action

Invasive species are, unfortunately, an ever-present threat to national parks. Luckily, the National Park Service is tackling this threat. In fact, the Invasive Plant Management Teams (IPMTs), formerly the Exotic Plant Management Teams (EPMTs), have been making progress for 20 years! The IPMTs invite you to get involved in 2020! Together we can reduce the threat posed by invasive species.

Learn about the relationship between the Garden Club of America and the IPMTs.

More about the IPMTs

The first teams were on the ground working with parks in 2000. Since then, the IPMTs have been supporting parks to address the growing invasive species problem. The goals of this program are to:

  • work with parks and partners to manage invasive plant infestations,
  • identify and treat new infestations,
  • and restore native plant communities and ecosystem function.

Using multiple strategies, each team creates a work plan tailored to the needs of their partner parks, which may include:

  • cooperation and collaboration,
  • inventory and monitoring,
  • prevention,
  • early detection and rapid response (EDRR)
  • treatment and control, and
  • restoration.

Find a team near you!

The 17 teams work in national parks in all regions of the country.

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Proof in the progress

Success in invasive species management can be elusive. Not so with the IPMTs and national parks! Explore stories from national parks that have the IPMTs and other National Park Service staff to thank for stopping the spread of invasive plants.

Get Involved

Spread thanks, not invasive plants! Help the IPMTs stop the spread of invasive plants in national parks.

  • Learn the simple steps you can take to ensure you're not transporting invasive species into, around, or out of a park.
  • Share your invasive plant success stories with us.
  • Volunteer or attend an event. Requirements may vary depending on the event, please contact the volunteer coordinator to ensure you have filled out the correct documents.

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Last updated: April 12, 2021