Historic Occasions & Inspiring Places

Join us in celebrating and commemorating the stories, places, and people of the National Park Service! Each year parks and programs across the country work together to observe annual events, significant anniversaries, and other celebrations. Some are one-day events, such as our birthday, Junior Ranger Day, and Park Rx Day. Others, like National Park Week, last several days. Still others commemorate significant milestones. During these events, we hold special programs across the country and invite you to participate.

We also honor our volunteers, partners, and employees for the great work they do. Their dedication and diversity of skills and talents are unmatched. It is our privilege to recognize and celebrate their outstanding achievements.

And here's a special message for the holiday season from us...

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Enjoy this moment of peace from the National Park Service to you.

Ranger holding her hands above her head standing in front of the Roosevelt Arch

National Park Week

Celebrate national parks for nine days straight! Check out how you can get involved in the fun April 20 to 28.

Last updated: April 3, 2019