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Collage of four photos of NPS women engaging in different activities, including dancing with a bear, showing children a snake, feeding a bird, and leading a hike along a trail.

Time for a break! Everyone needs a chance to kick back and relax a bit, especially these days. Exercising outside (in, say, a national park perhaps?) is a great stress reliever, but what if the weather is bad? Yes, we know there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor choice in clothing . . .Wait, what about hurricanes? There’s no good clothing for a hurricane. Hmm. Better just stay inside in hurricanes . . . and blizzards . . . and thunderstorms. Looks like you’ll be inside a lot. Good thing we’ve got some fun and games to keep you busy until the sun shines again.


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Unidentified woman wearing an NPS uniform sits at an information desk, reading a page from the park's visitor log.
These are "open book" quizzes so feel free to ask your nearest friendly ranger for help! (NPS History Collection photo)

Pop Quiz!

Put away your books and get out your pencils . . . Whoa. We just had a flashback to high school. Scary! Don’t worry, though, our quizzes don’t count for half your grade. They’re all in good fun. Try our completely unscientific quiz to determine which legendary NPS woman is your kindred spirit. Prefer trivia? Test your knowledge about the history of women in the NPS with our pub quiz (pub not included) and then test your friends! See if you can match the real newspaper headline to their year or event. We bet you’ll be surprised about what it tells you about NPS history.

Legendary Ladies Quiz

National Park Women Pub Quiz

Making Headlines

Line drawing of a conceptual design for the 1970 NPS women's uniform depicting a stylized woman wearing a dress with a zipper down the front.
Design sketch of a 1970 uniform by Mary Joan Glynn of Doyle Dane Bernbach, Inc. for the NPS (NPS History Collection photo)

Coloring Outside the Lines

Did you know that coloring isn’t just for kids anymore? That’s right! Studies have shown that adult coloring helps our brains relax, takes attention away from ourselves (and our problems) and allows us take risks without consequences. Those are some of the same reasons children love to color (kids always know how to have fun). So if you’re six or 76, go ahead and color outside the lines! Bring out your creative side and de-stress with our downloadable NPS uniform coloring pages. You’re refrigerator needs some new art.

Print an image from the list below and color with the art supplies of your choice or use a computer software program to draw or paint on the image.

1926 Frances Pound’s uniform

1942 Clara Ann Lausten’s uniform

1953 Nancy Hardin’s uniform

1956 registered nurse uniform

1961 Camille Elias’s “stewardess” uniform

1962 Miss Rolle’s “stewardess” uniform

1962 & 1970 Mary Rhinehart & Marion Durham

1970 Carole Scanlon’s uniform (dress option)

1974 pantsuit

1974 Marjorie Hackett’s “women’s traditional” uniform

Today’s field uniform

Need some inspiration? Download our Women’s NPS Uniforms: Through the Years poster!


Read with a Friend

We know you’d never deface a book by folding down the pages to mark your place. What? You do that all the time? Well, now you don’t have to! Whether you’re reading a title from By The Book! or you already have a stack of books calling your name, now is the time to get cracking on that backlog. Download and print your own bookmarks featuring NPS women and their uniforms over the years. Don’t worry, these friends won’t interrupt you while you read or judge your reading choices!

Women Bookmarks, 1920s–1960s

Women Bookmarks, 1970s–2000s


Explore More!

To learn more about Women and the NPS Uniform, visit Dressing the Part: A Portfolio of Women's History in the NPS.

This research was made possible in part by a grant from the National Park Foundation.

Collage of four photos of women in NPS uniforms depicting the different activities of canoeing, hiking, shooting, and tour guide.

Last updated: March 4, 2022