Geologic Wonders

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The National Parks preserve spectacular icons of our nation's geologic heritage and contain some of the world's finest examples of geologic phenomena. From glaciers to barrier islands, from volcanoes to dinosaurs, the parks have it all including arches, canyons, caves, mountains and sand dunes.

"The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks." If you're interested in geology and scenic landscapes, there is no substitute to visiting and experiencing geologic sites in the field. Here, we present life lists of the essential and premier geologic sites in the National Parks. Come and explore the world's most magnificent rock collection—your National Parks.

We also hope that you will be inspired to seek out a personal geologic experience and Find Your Park in other places. A park can be many different things to many different people. We encourage you to add your own geologic sites to the lists provided here.

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park NPS Photo/Jacob Frank
A Full Life

Must See Geologic Sites

Olympic National Park
An Adventurous Life

Less Visited Sites

Delicate Arch Arches National Park, Utah
An Extreme Life

See the Highest, Deepest, and Widest

Mount Rainier National Park
Find Your Park

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Last updated: November 18, 2021


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