National Fossil Day Logo

We encourage groups to use the National Fossil Day logo to promote their NFD events and activities.

For information regarding use of the trademark symbol and other guidance for using the National Fossil Day logo and artwork, please visit our logo and artwork use page.

The brown "titanothere" graphic is the official National Fossil Day logo. It can be used to promote NFD activities and events any year. The graphic does not have a date or year.

The National Fossil Day logo may be used on your web sites or in your print publications. The logo is available in rectangular and oval format, and in a variety of file types and resolutions. If you have another use in mind or have questions, please contact us.


The National Fossil Day logos are provided for public use for promoting NFD events. Other images on this web site may have other restrictions. Please contact us for more information.

If you need a higher resolution image for making a professional print publication or large-format event banner, please contact us.

Last updated: September 12, 2017