Reach New Heights

Climbing, as a recreational activity, artfully balances technique and strength while providing unique perspective to natural formations and the surrounding landscape.  From mountaineering to bouldering, beginner to advanced —  many of our national parks offer opportunities for a diverse span of climbing styles, on various types of surfaces including rocks, ice and snow, for climbers of every skill level.  Climbing can cultivate one’s connection with the resources and foster stewardship for public lands. By climbing only in places that are allowed and minimizing impact on natural and cultural resources, you can help to ensure these inspiring places are preserved for future generations.   

Learn more about different types of climbing in the National Park Service, which parks have climbing opportunities, outdoor ethics and stewardship opportunities, tips to stay safe, local closures, regulations and much more.   

A colorful female climber ascends granite rock called the Anteater in City of Rocks National Reserve

Climb in Parks

Plan your next adventure by learning which parks offer climbing.

Male ice climber ascending a frozen waterfall

Types of Climbing

Learn more about the types of climbing you can do at your park.

Search and Rescue crew coordinates with helicopter lifting patient from rock face

Staying Safe

Don't get hurt! Get safety tips to help you prepare for your next climbing trip.

Last updated: August 25, 2021