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National parks and their partners are doing their part to slow the rate of warming. In addition to educating about climate change and contributing to an ever-growing body of science, the NPS uses three main types of response efforts to address our changing climate:

Photovoltaic system in Craters of the Moon

Sustainability and Mitigation
Sustainability and mitigation practices, such as water-use reduction and renewable energy use, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thereby limit future climate change risks.

Saguaro cacti in Saguaro National Park

Adaptation techniques, such as scenario planning and resilient design, allow the NPS to best protect our natural and cultural resources against climate change related threats.

NPS Climate Change Response Strategy

Policies and Strategy
Policies and strategies establish National Park Service mandates, leverage best practices, and support a cohesive effort across park sites.

Visitor overlooking lake
What We Can Do Together
In order to avoid catastrophic impacts in the future, actions can be taken now to reduce the effects and adapt to the consequences of changing climate.

Last updated: September 20, 2016


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