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On this page you can download various Climate Change Response Program documents and find links to other sites to learn more about how parks and agencies are dealing with climate change. Use the links below to navigate down the page to the section of your choosing.

Downloads: Guidance Documents | Newsletters | Program Briefs
Links: Park-specific Climate Change Pages | Climate Science Links

Download the NPS Climate Change Key Messages card
Click the image above to download the NPS Climate Change social media pocket card (250 KB PDF)
Guidance Documents

Climate Change Response Program Newsletters
Newsletter issues are listed below in reverse chronological order.

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Climate Change Briefs
Learn about the Climate Change Response program from the briefs available for download below.

- Climate Change Response Program (700 KB PDF)
- Adaptation (208 KB PDF)
- Coastal Adaptation (272 KB PDF)
- Communication (918 KB PDF)
- Cultural Resources (338 KB PDF)
- Mitigation (804 KB PDF)
- Planning (950 KB PDF)
- Science (900 KB PDF)
- Training (791 KB PDF)
- Vulnerability Assessment (125 KB PDF)
- Future Park Leaders of Emerging Change (727 KB PDF)

Check out the Adaptation Resources page to access hundreds more park-specific briefs on current climate change research.

Last updated: May 4, 2021


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