Green Parks

2016 Green Parks

A Sustainability Mission
The Green Parks Plan (GPP) defines a collective vision and a long-term strategic plan for sustainable management of NPS operations. A critical component of the implementation of the GPP will be informing and engaging park staff, visitors, and community partners about climate change and sustainability to broaden opportunities to foster change.

Originally released in 2012, the 2016 Green Parks Plan (GPP) (PDF) defines the collective vision and strategic plan for sustainable operations across the National Park Service. It supports the NPS commitment to "Go Green", as outlined in the Director's Call to Action, and is an integral part of the NPS Climate Change Action Plan.

The plan is framed around 10 sustainability categories and sets ambitious agency-wide goals.
  • Continuously Improve Environmental Performance
  • Be Climate Friendly and Climate Ready
  • Be Energy Smart
  • Be Water Wise
  • Green Our Rides
  • Buy Green and Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Preserve Outdoor Experiences, Promote Healthy Engagement
  • Strengthen Sustainability Partnerships
  • Foster Sustainability Beyond Our Boundaries
  • Green Our Grounds

To learn more about NPS progress toward meeting these goals, visit the Monitoring and Tracking page.

Last updated: February 8, 2017