Green Parks

2016 Green Parks Plan Cover

About the Green Parks Plan
The National Park Service (NPS) history of preserving the country’s greatest natural and cultural resources has established it as a model for environmental stewardship. To ensure that the NPS is working to reduce its environmental impact at all levels of the organization, the agency first introduced the Green Parks Plan (GPP) in 2012. The plan defines the strategic, collective vision for long-term sustainable operations by establishing ambitious goals to improve sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout the national park system.

Since the GPP’s inception, and following updates to the plan in 2016, the NPS has made strides in reducing energy and water consumption, limiting waste generation, and more sustainably managing its facilities. Furthermore, the GPP recognizes that fostering sustainability and addressing the impacts of climate change are not isolated efforts; a critical component of implementing the GPP is informing and engaging park staff, visitors, and community partners.

Beyond protecting the resources in our iconic national parks, the GPP also contributes to the broader aims of preserving and protecting natural resources at the regional, national, and global levels.

Green Parks Plan Goal Areas
The Green Parks Plan is framed around 10 strategic goals that focus on the impact of NPS facilities and operations on environmental and human welfare. Each of these agency-wide goals is further supported by performance objectives.

Visit the Monitoring and Tracking page to learn mor about progress toward meeting GPP goals.
Green Parks Plan - Continuously Improve Environmental Performance (icon)
Continuously Improve Environmental Performance
The NPS will meet and exceed the requirements of all applicable environmental laws and adopt sustainable best practices in all facility operations.
Green Parks Plan - Be Climate Friendly and Climate Ready (icon)
Be Climate Friendly and Climate Ready
The NPS will reduce GHG emissions and adapt facilities at risk from climate change.
Green Parks Plan - Be Energy Smart (icon)
Be Energy Smart
The NPS will improve facility energy performance and increase reliance on renewable energy.
Green Parks Plan - Be Water Wise (icon)
Be Water Wise
The NPS will improve facility water use efficiency.
Green Parks Plan - Green Our Rides (icon)
Green Our Rides
The NPS will transform our fleet and adopt greener transportation methods.
Green Parks Plan - Buy Green Reduce Reuse Recycle
Buy Green and Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
The NPS will purchase environmentally friendly products and increase waste diversion and recycling.
Green Parks Plan - Preserve Outdoor Experiences
Preserve Outdoor Experiences, Promote Healthy Engagement
The NPS will promote healthy outdoor experiences and minimize the impact of facility operations on the environment.
Green Parks Plan - Strengthen Sustainability Partnerships (icon)
Strengthen Sustainability Partnerships
The NPS will incorporate sustainability initiatives into new and existing partnerships.
Green Parks Plan - Foster Sustainability (icon)
Foster Sustainability Beyond Our Boundaries
The NPS will engage visitors about sustainability and invite their participation.
Green Parks Plan - Green Our Grounds (icon)
Green Our Grounds
The NPS will enhance the sustainability of our landscapes

Last updated: April 20, 2021