Green Parks

2023 Green Parks Plan

About the Green Parks Plan

The National Park Service (NPS) history of preserving the country’s greatest natural and cultural resources has established it as a model for environmental stewardship. To provide a framework for the NPS to reduce its environmental impact at all levels of the organization, the agency first introduced the Green Parks Plan (GPP) in 2012. The 2012 GPP set ambitious goals to improve servicewide performance in sustainability. The plan was revised and re-released in 2016, in conjunction with the NPS Centennial to meet evolving priorities. It's third edition, released in 2023, addresses new legislative requirements, such as Executive Order 14057 (Catalyzing Clean Energy Industries and Jobs Through Federal Sustainability).

Since 2012, the NPS has made considerable progress towards its sustainability goals. The updated GPP recognizes this progress as well as improvements in science and technology, and updates to legislation and executive orders.

This third edition of the GPP streamlines and consolidates goal areas from ten goals to five and ensures the goals are supported by outcome-based and strategic objectives. Furthermore, the GPP goal areas are an invitation for NPS staff, partners, stakeholders, visitors, and gateway communities to work together to achieve these goals.

Download the 2023 Green Parks Plan (PDF)

Green Parks Plan Goal Areas

The Green Parks Plan is framed around five strategic goals that reflect updated federal and NPS priorities and include:
Green Parks Plan - Be Climate Friendly and Climate Ready (icon)
Be Climate Friendly and Climate Ready
Combat the climate crisis by achieving net-zero GHG emissions.
icon for Be Energy Smart and Water Wise
Be Energy Smart and Water Wise
Achieve net-zero water use and net-zero energy for facilities and operations.
icon for buy green, reduce, reuse, recycle
Buy Green and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Achieve net-zero waste and sustainable procurement.
icon for Green Our Rides
Green Our Rides
Adopt and support zero-emissions transportation methods.
icon for Foster a Sustainability Ethic
Foster a Sustainability Ethic
Engage the NPS workforce, partners, visitors, stakeholders, and communities to support and participate in sustainability, climate resilience, and environmental justice.
Visit the Monitoring and Tracking page to learn more about progress toward meeting GPP goals.

Last updated: November 17, 2023