Civil Rights Grants

Oldsmobile Expressway I-495 sign in Lansing Michigan
Opening ceremony of the Oldsmobile Expressway (I-496) c. 1963.

Pave the Way – The I-496 Project. AACR Grant 2017.

The National Park Service (NPS) provides grants to local communities to help document, interpret, and preserve sites and stories related to civil rights.

African American Civil Rights (AACR) Grants

African American Civil Rights (AACR) grants are funded by the Historic Preservation Fund, and administered by the NPS. This competitive grant program provides grants to states, tribes, local governments (including Certified Local Governments), and nonprofits. Non-federal matching shares are not required.

AACR grants fund a broad range of planning, development, and research projects for historic sites including: survey, inventory, documentation, interpretation, education, architectural services, historic structure reports, preservation plans, and "bricks and mortar" repair. Grant projects are split into two categories: preservation projects and history projects. Preservation project grants are for the repair of historic properties. History project grants are for more interpretive work such as exhibit design or historical research.

Visit the Historic Preservation Fund website to apply for an African American Civil Rights grant.

To see AACR-funded grant projects take a look at the AACR grants map. To learn more about AACR grants and their impacts, see the articles at the bottom of the page.

Other NPS Grant Programs

The National Park Service administers two other competitive grant programs that touch on civil rights more broadly - the History of Equal Rights grants (not limited to the history of any specific peoples or groups) and the Underrepresented Community grants (specifically for nominations to the National Register of Historic Places.) A non-federal matching share is not required for these grants.

Civil Rights Grants

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