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Inside Earth Newsletters
PDF versions of the National Park Service's cave resource management newsletter, Inside Earth, dating back to the first issue in 1998, are available to download.
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Park Resource Summaries
These summaries document the cave and karst geology and resources found within park units and help us provide more accurate information to various programs such as the 'State of the Parks' and 'Foundation Statements' for park planning. Visit Park Resource Summaries to view and download the reports.

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Technical Reports
Access to scientific information is essential to support the management, protection, interpretation, research and other activities related to cave and karst resources on NPS lands. Visit Technical Reports to view and download these publications.

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Brochures & Posters
Outreach materials are occasionally produced for conferences or other venues by national cave and karst program and individual parks. This collection of general interest Brochures and Posters is available for download and distribution.
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Children's Books
Love reading? Here are some of our favorite books about caves and cave science for young readers. Use this list to find your cave adventure. See Children's Books on caves and karst.

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Recommended Reading
We have selected to highlight some of the fundamental books on general cave and karst science, as well as books that focus on the history and resources of some NPS units. The Recommended Reading list is a great jumping off point to discover the fascinating world of of caves.

Last updated: March 1, 2016


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