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By Gail Gibbons, Holiday House, 2000, 30 pages, Non-fiction, ages 6 and up.

Describes different kinds of bats, their physical characteristics, habits and behavior as well as the efforts to protect them. Illustrated with beautiful watercolors.
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Caves (True Books: Earth Science)
By Larry Dane Brimner, Children's Press, 2000, 48 pages, non-fiction, ages 7 and up.

Early readers book all about cave formations, cave life, and human/cave interaction. Featuring photos by Kevin Downey and others.
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The Dark Zone: Exploring the Secret World of Caves
By Stephen P. Kramer (Author), Rich Torrey (Illustrator), Mcgraw-Hill, 1998, 92 pages, fiction, ages 8 and up.

An adventure of The Black Hole Gang, a group of kids who use the internet. They travel to Missouri to clean up a cave.
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Exploring Caves: Journeys into the Earth
By Nancy Holler Aulenbach and Hazel Barton, National Geographic Children's Books, 2001, 64 pages, non-fiction, Ages 8 and up.

Readers share the adventures of two women cavers - a teacher and a microbiologist - as they explore ice caves in Greenland, underwater caves in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, and terrestrial caves in the southeastern United States. Their exploits form the basis for MacGillivray Freeman's large format film Journey Into Amazing Caves, which was shown in IMAX theaters beginning in March 2001.
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The Hidden World of Caves: A Children's Guide to the Underground Wilderness
By Ronal C. Kerbo, National Speleological Society, 2002, 48 pages, non-fiction, Ages 8 and up.

When you hear the word cave, what comes to mind? Darkness? Mystery? A scary place? Bats? Snakes? Are caves important? What are they used for? Are they dangerous? As you read this book, we hope you'll find the answers to these questions and many more that are found in the hidden world beneath the earth.
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Journey to the Bottomless Pit: The Story of Stephen Bishop and Mammoth Cave
By Betsy Mitchell, Kelynn Alder (Illustrator), Viking Juvenile, 2004, 128 pages, fiction, ages 8 and up.

Full of adventure and fascinating details about cave exploration Journey to the Bottomless Pit is the first book for young readers ever written about Stephen Bishop. Through Stephen Bishop's story, author Betsy Mitchell takes readers on a tour unlike anything they've experienced.
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Looking Inside Caves And Caverns (X-ray Vision)
By Ron Schultz, Avalon Travel Pub, 1993, 46 pages, non-fiction, Ages 9 and up.

Explores the world of caves and describes the work of speleologists and cavers. Well-researched, overview. Illustrated. 1993.

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