Types of Bears

Three species of bears live in North America: black bears, brown bears (which includes grizzlies), and polar bears. Check out the map of parks with bears to see where you can find the different species. While bears of the same species might look similar, everything from their size, coloring, diet and sleeping patterns depend on the bear and its location. For example, a bear’s diet varies depending on what foods are available during a specific season in a specific region. The species pages listed here explore some of these varying characteristics by profiling bears in different parks. For more information about bears and bear behavior in a specific national park, please contact that park.
Illustration comparing profiles and tracks of black, brown, and polar bears
This comparison of the three bear species found in America's national parks shows features that differ among the species, in particular shape of the profile (face and body) and tracks.
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Last updated: April 18, 2016


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