Gray Jay at the top of a tree
Gray Jay.

NPS/Keven Bacher

Many songbirds are migratory and they use a wide range of habitats in Alaska's parks.

Scientists at Denali National Park and Preserve have a number of research projects going on that look at songbirds. Critical Connections is a project that is expanding our knowledge of migratory birds. Another study is looking at how climate change is impacting Gray Jays that rely on stored food, specifically what happens if their food caches spoil. The National Park Service also monitors songbirds to track the changes in the species composition or populations over time.

Some of the common somgbirds seen around Kenai Fjords National Park include the Black-billed Magpie and Steller's Jay. Have you done any birdwatching in the parks to see what you can see?

Last updated: June 29, 2017