Information on physical/mobility while inside the Statue of Liberty.

Physical/Mobility Inside the Statue

Information and locations of elevators, lifts, handrails, and moving around the different levels inside the monument.

The black and blue stairs ascending to the crown at the Pedestal level.

Physical/Mobility In The Crown

Information and locations of handrails, rest platforms, and dimensions of infrastructure for safely accessing the crown.


Accessible Facilities and Areas on Liberty Island

Ranger standing in front of Information Center entrance.
A park ranger stands in front of the Information Center entrance.


Information Center

As you make your way off of the ferry dock, heading straight towards the flagpole, you will find the Information Center on the left-hand side across from the Refreshment Building. The Information Center is wheelchair accessible. Here you can locate a limited number of wheelchairs (on a first-come, first-served basis). They can be borrowed, free of charge, with the deposit of a driver's license, or another form of identification at the information desk. To find the accessible ramp, continue walking past the Information Center entrance steps. There you will find a walkway and ramp on the left-hand side of the building that leads to the Information Center entrance. The doors have push-button openers for easy accessibility.
A view of the front of the refreshment building.
The front stair entrance into the Eastern National Bookstore and Evelyn Hills Cafeteria.


Eastern National Bookstore & Evelyn Hills Cafeteria

The Refreshment Building contains both the Eastern National Bookstore and Evelyn Hills Cafeteria. Access is either by stairs in the front, or by a ramp on the right-side of the building. Inside you will find our park's Eastern National Bookstore with National Park Service items relating to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; along with Junior Ranger novelties. Moving off the boat dock towards the Liberty Island flagpole, you can find the outside dining patio ramp on your right-hand side. The ramp gradually slopes upwards with guiding railing on both sides of the walkway. At the top of the ramp, access to the Evelyn Hills Dining Cafe and Eastern National Bookstore is on the left-hand side. Seating is available for taking in the wonderful breezes and delightful conversations at the patio on the right.
A ramp leading up toward the Dinning patio, cafe/bookstore entrance, and gift shop.

Refreshment & Gift Shop Access

Evelyn Hills Cafeteria is accessible by moving up the ramp on the right-side of the building, and entering through the indoor dining area. Lines are designated by servers who provide you with your food orders. Cashiers are available on your left and right hand sides before re-entering the indoor dining area; making a full circle. Access to the outside dining patio allows for great views and wonderful breezes coming off of the water. Ramp access back down to the main thoroughfare will get you to move around the island.
A view of the entrance to the gift pavilion shop with accessibility ramp.

Gift Pavilion & Restrooms

The Gift Pavilion provides visitors with access to public restrooms and water fountains. All facilities inside this building are accessible by wheelchair, electric scooter, walker, and cane. The entrance can be accessed by both stairs and ramp options. The ramp is located to the left of the entrance staircase. An automatic door opener can be found on the wall to the right of the entrance doors.

A ranger standing presenting a guided tour.
Park Rangers give tours on Liberty Island.


Ranger-Guided Tours

Ranger-led tours are provided at the top of the hour, and begin at the Liberty Island flagpole. Information on the ranger guided programs can be obtained at the Information Center. A list of times will be located at the flagpole. All ranger tours are accessible, and take into consideration health, safety, and the weather to accommodate our visitors. American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation tours may be arranged prior to your visit. If you wish to arrange an ASL tour, notification in writing is required at least three (3) weeks prior to your visit. Please contact us by sending an e-mail or a letter.

Last updated: March 26, 2018

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