map of liberty state park with numbers and dotted line showing walking route from tent
Liberty State Park Departure Change

The distance to the ferry embarkation from the security screening tent has increased by 300 yards [see map]. Please plan accordingly and bring a mobility device, such as an electric or manual wheelchair, or a manual mobility aid (such as walkers, canes or crutches) if needed.

1. Handicap-accessible drop-off location
2. Tickets
3. Security Screening Tent
4. Ferry Embarkation
5. Parking Lot

Accessible Facilities and Areas on Liberty Island

Ranger standing in front of Information Center entrance.
A park ranger stands in front of the Information Center entrance.


Information Center

As you make your way off of the ferry dock, heading straight towards the flagpole, you will find the Information Center on the left-hand side across from the Refreshment Building. The Information Center is wheelchair accessible. Here you can locate a limited number of wheelchairs (on a first-come, first-served basis). They can be borrowed, free of charge, with the deposit of a driver's license, or another form of identification at the information desk. To find the accessible ramp, continue walking past the Information Center entrance steps. On the left-hand side you will find a walkway leading to the ramp to the Information Center entrance as well as the ramp to the Statue of Liberty Museum.
Statue of Liberty Museum as seen from the grounds of Liberty Island. The building has floor to ceiling windows, a green roof and steps in the center of the building to the roof.
The Statue of Liberty Museum on Liberty Island.

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Statue of Liberty Museum

Located past the Information Center on the left, The Statue of Liberty Museum is accessible by two ramps, located on either side of the building, or one flight of stairs. The museum includes a ten minute movie, three interactive galleries and restrooms all located on one level. The top of the museum has an observation deck that is accessible by stairs or an elevator so visitors can enjoy panoramic views of New York Harbor.
A view of the front of the refreshment building.
The front stair entrance into the America’s National Parks Bookstore and Evelyn Hills Cafeteria.


America’s National Parks Bookstore &
Evelyn Hills Cafeteria

As you make your way off of the ferry dock, heading straight towards the flagpole, you will find the Refreshment Building on the right-hand side across from the Information Center. Inside you will find our park's America’s National Parks Bookstore and dining area on Liberty Island, Evelyn Hill's Crown Cafe. Access is either by stairs in the front, or by continuing past the building's steps for a walkway and ramp on the right. Another ramp can be used to access this building by turning right before you reach the Refreshment Building. The sloped walkway leads to both the Refreshments Building, patio, and Gift Pavilion.
A ramp leading up toward the Dinning patio, cafe/bookstore entrance, and gift shop.
The walkway to the Refreshment Building (left) and Gift Pavilion (front).


Patio Access

Visitors can access the Refreshment Building (on the left) and Gift Pavilion (in front) from the outside dining patio. Ramp or stair access back down to the main thoroughfare will get you to move around the island.
A view of the entrance to the gift pavilion shop with accessibility ramp.
The Gift Pavilion on Liberty Island.


Gift Pavilion & Restrooms

The Gift Pavilion provides visitors with access to public restrooms and water fountains. All facilities inside this building are accessible. The entrance can be accessed by both stairs and ramp options. The ramp is located to the left of the entrance staircase. An automatic door opener can be found on the wall to the right of the entrance doors.

Information on physical/mobility while inside the Statue of Liberty.

Physical/Mobility Inside the Statue

Information and locations of elevators, lifts, handrails, and moving around the different levels inside the monument.

The black and blue stairs ascending to the crown at the Pedestal level.

Physical/Mobility In The Crown

Information and locations of handrails, rest platforms, and dimensions of infrastructure for safely accessing the crown.

A ferry boat with passengers arrives to Liberty Island on a bright summer day.

Statue City Cruises

Statue City Cruises is our official source for tickets to the island. Click this link for more information.

Park Police Officers and their K-9's on Ellis Island with the Statue in the background.

Safety, Security & Screening

All visitors must pass through airport-style security before boarding ferries at Liberty State Park or Battery Park.

Military planes fly in formation above the Statue of Liberty.

Get Directions!

Visitors can arrive to Liberty Island from either Battery Park, NY or Liberty State Park, NJ. Learn how to visit us here.

Last updated: June 27, 2021

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