Physical-Mobility In The Pedestal

A visitor in a wheelchair is moving down a ramp towards the photographer.
Physical Mobility on Liberty Island

Important information on physical mobility for a safe and enjoyable visit to the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

The black and blue stairs ascending to the crown at the Pedestal level.
Physical/Mobility In The Crown

Information and locations of handrails, rest platforms, and dimensions of infrastructure for safely accessing the crown.

Looking down a flight of stairs towards the lobby and entrance doors
Visitors inthe lobby of the Statue of Liberty.


Welcome to the Inside of the Statue of Liberty!

The images and descriptions below here will help visitors plan out their trip to Liberty Island and allow them to be prepared when accessing the inside portion of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. Don't forget to take into consideration the "Fact Checks" which give suggestions to enhance your visit! For information on accessibility email us!


Entering the Monument

The secondary screening building is a gray building which a park ranger is standing in front of
Visitors enter the Statue of Liberty through this building.


When you are ready to enjoy visiting the inside of the Statue of Liberty, work your way towards the secondary screening building. Traveling from the Flagpole Plaza towards the statue, you will go left as you approach the monument. On the left of the walkway are lockers for items not permitted inside and on the right is the secondary screening building to enter the pedestal. It is here you will be greeted by a ranger to whom you will present your tickets.
Rows of lockers on Liberty Island
Lockers are available on Liberty Island to secure items not allowed inside.


Before presenting your boat tickets with either pedestal or crown reservations to the rangers, visitors must place certain restricted items inside rented lockers. Click here for a list of restricted items to consider leaving home or checking into a locker. Lockers require a 25 cent (1 U.S. Quarter) deposit to operate. Once items have been secured, visitors make their way to the secondary security building to proceed through airport-style security.
The entrance to the monument is through large doors which enter into Fort Wood.
The entrance and exit from the monument.


Exiting the secondary screening doors, you will follow the walkway and to the left will see the large entrance of historic Fort Wood. Don't forget to admire the 25-foot high granite walls of the old fort before passing through into the monument. When you complete your visit inside, these will be the same doors you exit to return to the lockers (if needed to retrieve any locked or checked items).

Inside the Pedestal Lobby

The lobby of the monument with the stairs leading up in the center
Viewing the lobby of the monument.


After entering through the main doors, the lobby desk will be to the left. It is operated by National Park Service Rangers and Volunteers that can provide directional information and park brochures to enhance visitor experiences. Stairs on either side of the lobby (or an elevator to the left) lead up to 1P where you will find restrooms and an accessible route to the main elevator.
A picture of the first floor elevator door inside the lobby of the Statue of Liberty.
The first floor elevator will bring visitors to the restrooms and museum.


Turning to the left-hand side, the elevator can be found to help in your ascent/descent from the different levels of the monument. From this level, the elevator will bring you to the first floor balcony where the public restrooms and museum entrance are located. These restrooms are the only facilities in the monument. Directional signs will bring you to the halfway point of the museum and to the second accessible elevator. The ranger in the elevator will bring you to the Fort Wood (2P) level and to (5P) level where an accessible lift will continue the journey to the top of the pedestal (6P) level.

On top of Fort Wood (2P)

A visiting in a wheelchair is using the inside ramp to go outside onto the Fort Wood level of the monument.
A visitor is moving up the ramp towards the exit doors of Fort Wood.


The Fort Wood (2P) level is accessible by taking the second elevator. A ranger operating the elevator will bring visitors to the fort level by request. There are stairs on the left and right hand-sides with handrails. There is a switchback style ramp in between the stairways. The doors will allow 360 degree access to the top of the fort. Great views of Manhattan, Governors Island, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, and wonderful vistas of New York and New Jersey.
A visitor is looking up at the Statue of Liberty from the Fort Wood level.
A visitor pointing at the Statue of Liberty from the Fort Wood level.


Most importantly, visitors get to see an up-close and personal viewing of the Statue of Liberty! The front point of historic Fort Wood is the ideal place to have pictures taken with lady liberty. Visitors can also observe the fine symbols and details of both the Statue and the pedestal she stands on! When finished visiting Fort Wood, return to the rear doors to wait for the elevator again.

Arriving at the top of the Pedestal! (6P)

A visitor in a wheelchair is waiting to be lifted up to the top of the pedestal.
A visitor is waiting to be lifted up to the top of the pedestal.


Arriving at Level 5P, a ranger operating the main elevator will assist visitors in locating the lift to bring them up to the top of the Pedestal (Level 6P). The elevator ranger will contact and coordinate with rangers stationed at the top of the Pedestal in order to safely transport visitors in the lift. The Pedestal lift weight limit and dimensions allow for only two (2) visitors to be assisted at one time.
A Park Ranger is opening the door of the wheelchair lift allowing the visitor to exit.
Park Rangers allow for safe transfer from the lift to the pedestal platform.


Rangers stationed at the Pedestal level operate the lift controls. When the lift is brought to the top of the pedestal, a magnetic door will unlock and the ranger will assist visitors by keeping the area clear. Due to the original design of the top of the Pedestal's observation balcony, wheelchairs are not permitted outside. Rangers will direct visitors where to park wheelchairs for easier transitions from inside to outside, when possible.
A visitor is looking through the glass ceiling.
Through the Pedestal's glass ceiling, visitors can observe Eiffel's iron frame design.


At the top of the Pedestal (6P Level), visitors can look through four glass panels to see the inside construction of the Statue of Liberty. Rangers are stationed at the Pedestal level to interpret and educate our visitors on a variety of information pertaining to the monument. Have a question? Ask a ranger!

Last updated: October 27, 2022

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