North Bar Lake

North Bar Lake
Trail to North Bar Lake looking over the lake toward Lake Michigan

Terry Phipps 2005

North Bar Lake is one of the most popular beaches in the Lakeshore because it has shallow, clear water over a sandy bottom makes for warmer swim than in Lake Michigan. But for those who like the refreshing cool water and wave action of the big lake, you can walk across the low dunes that separate the two lakes in just a couple of minutes. The beaches of pure sand and the small outlet to Lake Michigan is ideal for the kids to play.

Trail over the dune to Lake Michigan
Trail to Lake Michigan

Terry Phipps 2005

Take a hike over the dune that separates North Bar Lake from Lake Michigan. On both sides of the trail you will see plants native to the dunes: Dune grass, pitcher's thistle, wormwood, sand cress, and others. These plants help stabilize the dune. Once at the Lake Michigan beach, you can walk along the shore north to the bluffs below the Pierce Stocking Drive Lake Michigan Overlook Platform. This perspective gives you a better appreciation of the size and steepness of the bluffs.

You can get to North Bar Lake by taking LaCore Street north out of Empire to Voice road and then Bar Lake road. There is a large parking lot with restrooms which can be used for changing. Also, if you forgot to buy your Lakeshore Pass, you can use the Self-Service Envelope system right there at North Bar Lake.

North Bar Lake
North Bar Lake looking east from the dune by Lake Michigan

Terry Phipps 2005

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