100 Things to Do at Sleeping Bear Dunes

100 things to do

Here are 100 ways to celebrate 100 years of the National Park Service!

As you explore the park and complete tasks off the list share your story with us on social media by using the tags #100SLBE #FindYourPark.

  1. Follow us on social media
  2. Watch “Dreams of the Sleeping Bear” at the visitor center
  3. Learn the Legend of Sleeping Bear
  4. Find an animal track in the snow
  5. Snowshoe or cross-country ski
  6. Come to a researcher’s talk
  7. Sled down the Dune Climb
  8. Go ice fishing on an inland lake
  9. Make snow art
  10. Enjoy the park with someone you love
  11. Get inspired by the park and create art!
  12. Learn about climate change
  13. Enjoy the artwork in the visitor center
  14. Experience silence
  15. Mail a postcard
  16. Exercise in the park
  17. Go birding
  18. Stamp your passport
  19. Help stop the spread of invasive species
  20. Watch some wildlife (from a safe distance)
  21. Climb the Dune Climb
  22. Find the flying squirrel at the visitor center
  23. Renew your spirit
  24. Become a Junior Ranger
  25. Give back. Do a beach or trail clean up
  26. Explore Port Oneida
  27. Find your favorite barn
  28. Visit a historic cemetery
  29. Attend a park special event
  30. Find the remnants of a shipwreck
  31. Paddle in the park
  32. Go where the wildflowers grow
  33. Listen to the frogs in a wetland
  34. Enjoy an inland lake
  35. Explore the US Life-Saving Service Station
  36. Tour the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive
  37. Learn about D. H. Day at the general store
  38. Get your toes wet
  39. Learn about endangered species like piping plovers
  40. Bike the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail
  41. Learn how to break the grip of a rip current
  42. Enjoy the porch of the historic Log Cabin at D. H. Day campground
  43. Camp in one of the campgrounds
  44. Relax on a beach
  45. Do the Trail Trekker Challenge
  46. Go fishing
  47. Float the Platte River
  48. Climb to the top of the South Manitou Island Lighthouse
  49. Sign the guestbook at the South Manitou Island Visitor Center
  50. Be a hero of the storm
  51. Go to a campground evening program
  52. Take a sunset selfie
  53. Go to the Valley of the Giants
  54. Create sand art
  55. Learn about the boating history of the area at the Cannery Boat Museum
  56. Have a picnic on Picnic Mountain
  57. Go on a ranger-led hike
  58. Find yourself in a steamer wheelhouse with a panoramic view of the Manitou Passage
  59. Hike with your dog
  60. Feel the sand between your toes
  61. Watch the firing of the Lyle Gun
  62. Take a sunrise selfie
  63. Get a selfie with a ranger
  64. Share your story with us
  65. Make a splash
  66. Pose for a photo in one of our Find Your Park frames
  67. Snorkel
  68. Step back in time at the Port Oneida Fair
  69. Be bear aware
  70. Watch a meteor shower
  71. Have a camp or beach fire–but don’t move wood! Buy local, burn local!
  72. Get a view of Alligator Hill
  73. Visit Cottage Row on North Manitou Island
  74. Sign the guestbook at the North Manitou Island Visitor Center
  75. Watch the sunset over Lake Michigan
  76. Explore Port Oneida’s history at the Charles Olsen House
  77. Find one of the largest petoskey stones in the park (PSSD #9)
  78. Find out what’s around the riverbend on the Crystal River
  79. Find your favorite view
  80. Listen to the waves on Lake Michigan
  81. Visit the Blacksmith Shop in Glen Haven
  82. Look for the operating lighthouses on South Manitou Island at night.
  83. Pick an apple
  84. Take a photo that matches a historic one #retrogram
  85. Help keep the park litter free and pick up any trash you see
  86. Skip a stone
  87. View the night sky
  88. Hike a trail
  89. Make friends with a ranger
  90. Find the Boekeloo Lodge
  91. Take advice from John Muir and “Keep close to Nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.”
  92. Go on a full moon hike
  93. View the fall colors
  94. Be batty for bats
  95. Visit the ghostforests of Sleeping Bear Point
  96. Hug a tree
  97. Find a ghost town
  98. Do the Geology Auto Tour https://www.nps.gov/slbe/planyourvisit/geologytour.htm
  99. Go wild (get into the wilderness designated areas of the park)
  100. Enjoy your National Parks, but leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations

Last updated: December 27, 2017

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