Springs and Seeps

The springs and seeps of the Lakeshore are scattered and yet important to the habitats where they are found. A number of springs provide important habitat for the extremely rare Michigan monkey-flower, a small plant that likes to keep its feet wet. They also provide supplemental water to the creeks and inland lakes and provide little micro-climate areas for native plants and watering holes for animals. There are even springs on the two islands which are used for water and which have an assortment of sedges, rushes, and forbs associated with them. Occasionally, a tree will tap its roots into one of the springs and will then grow into a massive representative of its species. These areas are also important frog and salamander breeding habitat because they flow year-round, do not have any predator fish, and are surrounded by limbs, brush and trees for hiding cover.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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