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Explore our park without leaving home! Browse our photo galleries and watch park videos.

History and Culture

At Sitka National Historical Park you can learn about Southeast Alaska Native culture and history as well as Alaska's Russian-American heritage. You can explore our totem pole collection, the historic Russian Bishop's House, and more.


Explore the natural world at Sitka National Historical Park: Discover a temperate rain forest full of towering spruce and hemlock, rich tidelands home to sea stars and crabs, and the Indian River which seasonally hosts thousands of migrating salmon.

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Find out how to borrow a Beach Explorer Backpack, become a Junior Ranger, and more!

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Learn about how our park can partner with you, whether it's through a ranger-led program or distance learning resources.


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Learn what we're doing to manage Alaska's oldest National Park and ensure that its resources are available to future generations. Find information on park statistics, laws and policies, how you can get involved, and more.


What's new at Sitka National Historical Park? Read recent stories, or browse our news release archives.


Sitka National Historical Park partners with Alaska Geographic to help you bring a piece of the park home with you, whether you're looking for a postcard, a t-shirt, or a book about totem poles.

Last updated: July 26, 2018

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