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Sitka National Historical Park comemorates the 1804 battle between the Kiks.ádi clan of the Tlingit and the czarist Russians, the Russian- American period that ended with the transfer of Alaska to the United States and the Southeast Alaska Native cultures.
The following curriculum based education programs have been developed for teachers to compliment their social studies, geography, and history classes. Please feel free to download what you need.

Sitka NHP is excited to offer educational experiences for local schools, both in the park and in the classrooms. We look forward to working with all teachers to provide programs over web based platforms as well, depending on staff availablity. When you see our menu for Distance Learning opportunities you may notice that you really don't need the ranger for the presentation! All of our educational materials can be downloaded- we even provided a script to accompany each powerpoint slide. 

Exploring a Watery World

The Indian River is the heart of the Park. Learn more about how the park protects critical habitat for salmon, eagles and brown bears.

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A wooden foot-bridge spans across a forest stream.

Guided Walks in the Park

Join a park ranger for a walk in YOUR national park! View Sitka's Park Calendar to see what events are coming up for this week!

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On a forest trail, a group of visitors gather to hear a Ranger speak.

Discover Sitka from Your Classroom

If you can't bring your students to Sitka National Historical Park, the park's distance learning resources can bring Sika to you!

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Park Ranger holding picture in front of young students with mountains in the background.

Last updated: March 18, 2022

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