Grant Grove Trails in Winter

Check at the Kings Canyon Visitor centers for more information on different trails for skiing or snowshoeing. Maps and trails guides can also be purchased at the visitor center bookstore.

Winter Trails
The only plowed trail is the Grant Tree Trail loop. When snow cover other trails, give skis or snowshoes a try! Rent them at the Grant Grove Market. Purchase a ski trail map and follow the colored markers on the trees.

Walkers and snowshoers:
Avoid walking in ski tracks. The footprints harden and catch ski tips, making it dangerous for skiers.

Watch for Wildlife
Look for tracks in the snow. Bear, deer, mountain lions, bobcats, martens, weasels, coyotes, and squirrels may be active throughout the winter. Winter birds may greet you from the trees: ravens, juncos, chickadees, red-breasted nuthatches and brown creepers to name a few. Look for the sweep of wings in the snow where an owl caught a rodent for dinner.

The Nation's Christmas Tree Ceremony
Held annually on the second Sunday of December, this event celebrates the season and the special designations given to the General Grant Tree. During the ceremony, National Park Rangers place a large wreath at the base of this giant sequoia in memory of men and women who gave their lives in service to their country. Call the park for more information, 559-565-3341.

Snowshoeing among sequoias.
Snowshoes offer another way to explore the Grant Grove area in winter.

Last updated: August 13, 2014

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