Fire Dispatch

Sunlight shines through smoke next to a road with a wildland fire engine parked


Daily Situation Report

Today's Date: 9/13/21
Fire Danger Rating: High

Preparedness Levels
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park: 3
Geographic Area: 3
National: 5

Staffing Levels
Ash Mountain: 3
Grant Grove: 4
Cedar Grove: 3

Fuels Burn Index (BI) / Energy Release Components
Ash Mountain BI: 156
Grant Grove ERC: 79
Cedar Grove BI: 64

Parkwide Duty Officer: CH-1 John Ziegler
Fire dispatchers at work at Ash Mountain Fire
Fire dispatchers are on duty from early spring until late fall.


The fire and aviation program at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks has its own dispatch center, separate from the dispatch center for general park operations. Known as Ash Mountain Fire, the parks’ fire dispatch center is located in the foothills of Sequoia National Park.

Ash Mountain Fire is staffed seasonally, usually from May through November, by one to two permanent dispatchers and one to two seasonal dispatchers. These employees play an indispensable role in the parks’ fire and aviation operations. Duties include tracking resources, ordering resources, coordinating with other agencies on emergency response, tracking helicopter flights, sending park employees to assist in out-of-park incident responses, and generally providing order and safety for the entire organization.

Seasonal positions in Ash Mountain Fire are a terrific point of entry into the field of dispatching and emergency management. The announcements for these jobs usually appear on in November. Ash Mountain Fire dispatchers have the opportunity to train and acquire a red card. However, this is not a requirement for the position. Additionally, there are often opportunities to work on two-week assignments at larger dispatch centers throughout busy fire seasons.

The Current Fire Information page can provide updates on fires in the parks.
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in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Last updated: September 13, 2021

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