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Giant sequoias and their ecosystems face dramatic declines from intense, high-mortality fires caused by prolonged drought and the accumulation of heavy forest fuels; as well as other urgent new stressors, such as death or weakening from bark beetle attack and drought stress, and potential shifting of suitable microclimates outside of their existing range.

The Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition (GSLC) is an organized collaboration of public and non-governmental organizations with a shared commitment aimed at the conservation of giant sequoia grove ecosystems. The coalition is comprised of all federal, tribal, state, local agencies and organizations that manage giant sequoia groves in public, tribal or private non-profit ownership. Affiliate partners include select federal and state conservation agencies, non-governmental organization conservation groups, and academic research partners, with a shared commitment to protect giant sequoias and their ecosystems from emerging threats associated with climate change and the extended absence of natural, low severity wildfire processes on the landscape.


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    Visit this page for additional information and links related to the coalition, current research about sequoia threats, and efforts to protect giant sequoias.


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