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Archeological Testing - Cumberland Island National Seashore, Stafford and Rayfield Plantations
 Photos taken during June 15, 1999 project visit by
Laura English-Robinson, voice instructor at Spelman College
and a featured performer in the opera Zabette"

At the lab, Co-Field Director David Brewer points out the great varieties of artifacts found at the slave cabins.
Co-Field Directors John Cornelison and David Brewer explain the complex archeological record emerging from the fieldwork.
Work has revealed that well kept dirt floors were common in the ante-bellum slave cabins.
Laura English-Robinson kneels at the grave site of Zabette's father, Pierre Bernardey.
The "Chimneys" are all that remains of the slave cabins above ground level. Photo at right shows impressions of wood planking made in the tabby cement during original construction of each wood frame clapboard cabin. 
Constructed in 1937, the First African Baptist Church is significant as a center of religious and educational life for 20th century African Americans on Cumberland Island.
Site of SEAC's successful archeological stabilization project near the north end of the Island.