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Shiloh Mounds Archeological Project

Photographs from the four field seasons of the Shiloh Mounds Archeological Project are presented here.  These photographic catalogs are organized chronologically by field season, month, and day.  The daily photographic records are captioned for easier searching and identification. Click here to see some of the original Frank H. H. Roberts 1933-1934 CWA Shiloh Mounds excavation photographs.

Click on a link below to be taken to photograph catalogs for each of the four Shiloh Mounds
 Archeological Project field seasons.

1999 Field Season


2001 Field Season

1761 Digital Photographs

2002 Field Season

3135 Digital Photographs

2003 Field Season

5812 Digital Photographs



May, 2002



June, 2001

June, 2002

June, 2003

July, 1999

July, 2001

July, 2002

July, 2003


August, 2001

August, 2002

August, 2003


September, 2001


September, 2003




October, 2003




November, 2003

Click here to see pictures of the August 2004 shutdown and backfilling of Mound A excavation trenches.
(350 Digital Photographs)