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SEAC: Survey of Moores Creek Battlefield

Since 2011, the Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC) and Moores Creek National Battlefield (MOCR) have been working together to systematically metal detect the core battlefield at MOCR. Using local volunteers and Boy Scouts, SEAC recovered numerous lead shot, buttons, and other accouterments from the over 1000 Patriot men who worked feverously through the night to erect the substantive fortifications guarding the Moores Creek Bridge.  These artifacts are the first artifacts recovered at MOCR that are directly related to the military actions of February 27, 1776.

Current work is focused on geophysical investigations of the earthworks and core battlefield. These investigations will hopefully shed light on whether the current earthworks were reconstructed in the correct location (as these are reconstructions built during the 1930’s and 1940’s), relocating the original earthworks, how the original earthworks were constructed, and the effects of historic and modern visitation on the battlefield.