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Fort Pulaski National Monument is located on Cockspur Island in Chatham County, Georgia, approximately 15 miles east of Savannah. The monument, named after Revolutionary War hero Count Casimir Pulaski, was first established in October of 1924 by order of President Calvin Coolidge. It was transferred from the War Department to the Department of Interior in July of 1933. Since that time, it has been the National Park Service's mission to restore, manage, and protect Fort Pulaski National Monument for the benefit of the public.

Part of this mission includes the identification and interpretation of cultural materials located within the monument's boundaries. To accomplish this, archeology is used to provide park managers, employees, and visitors with a greater understanding of the people who once occupied and modified the land on which Fort Pulaski is located.

Echoes from the Past: The Archeology of Fort Pulaski was created to provide anyone interested in Fort Pulaski and the surrounding area with summary information on historical and archeological research conducted at this national monument. In addition, this site seeks to emphasize the fact that there is much more work to be done if we are to gain a better understanding of the people who occupied this area of coastal Georgia and of their relation to the changing world around them.