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SEAC: Appendix A - Union Order of Battle

Appendix A
Union Order of Battle

Federal Forces
MG William T. Sherman
Left Wing
MG Henry W. Slocum
Right Wing
MG Oliver 0. Howard
XIV Corps
BVT MG Jefferson C. Davis
XV Corps
MG John A. Logan
XX Corps
BVT MG Alpheus S. Williams
XVII Corps
MG Frank P. Blair
Wing Strength
25,673  0      949 = 26,622
Wing Strength
    25,925    60     633 = 26,618

3rd Cavalry Division
BVT MG Hugh J. Kilpatrick
Division Strength — 4,438 men

1st Brigade
BVT BG Thomas J. Jordan
2nd Brigade
BVT BG Smith D. Atkins
3rd Indiana Battalion
8th Indiana Regiment
2nd Kentucky Regiment
3rd Kentucky Regiment
9th Pennsylvania Regiment
92nd Illinois Regiment
9th Michigan Regiment
9th Ohio Regiment
10th Ohio Regiment
McLaughlin’s Squadron
3rd Brigade
COL George E. Spencer

4th Brigade (Provisional, Dismounted)
LTC William B. Way

1st Alabama Regiment
MAJ Francis L. Cramer (WIA, POW)

1st Regiment
MAJ Charles A. Appel (POW)

5th Kentucky Regiment
MAJ Christopher T. Cheek

2nd Regiment
LTC William Stough

5th Ohio Regiment
MAJ George H. Rader

3rd Regiment
CPT John B. Riggs

Brigade Strength
Approximately 1,500 men
Brigade Strength
Approximately 400 men
4th Brigade consisted of dismounted men from throughout
the Division. Soldier assignments correspond to the Brigades.
For example: 2nd Brigade men were assigned to the 2d Regiment.

10th Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery
A two-gun section accompanied each mounted brigade.
CPT Yates V. Beebe
Battery Strength — 94 men

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