The Southeast Archeological Center

The Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC or The Center) is a support operation of the National Park Service's Southeast Region. The Center conducts and shares high-quality anthropological research based on multi-disciplinary methods and cutting-edge science, providing the best archeological and collections management assistance possible to national parks and our partners.

In assisting parks with their cultural resource management needs, SEAC facilitates the long-term production of archeological resources, compiling, utilizing, and disseminating the archeological information obtained from them. SEAC maintains impeccable ethical standards by reporting timely research findings to park, public, and professional audiences. In addition to annually generating numerous archeological reports as mandated by federal law and park operations, the Center is the repository for over eight million artifacts that make up the Southeast Region's research collections and cultural database.   

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Archeologist conserving metal artifact
Archeological Services and Preservation

Archeological Services, Preservation, and Science Branch

Compactors in Collections storage
Museum and Archival Services

Museum and Archival Services

Archeologist speaking with public at field site
Partnerships and Historic Preservation

Archeological and Historic Preservation Partnerships

Archeologist examining eroding shell midden on river bank
NAS Program

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and Applied Sciences (NAS) Program

Archeologist giving presentation at public outreach event
Public Outreach

Learn about SEAC's public outreach program, focused on educating youth about America's cultural resources

SEAC diver records an anchor underwater at Buck Island
SEAC Dive Team

Learn about the SEAC dive team which consists of members from several sections

Archeologist standing in background behind a horse during Geophysical Survey
Geophysical Survey and Investigations

Learn about SEAC's geophysical survey capabilities

GIS map of archeological site
Geographic Information Systems

Learn about the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects that SEAC undertakes for the parks

Volunteer using Munsell color book to record description of soil
Volunteers in the Park (VIPS)

Learn about volunteering at SEAC through the Volunteers in the Park (VIPS) program

Last updated: December 15, 2023