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In an on-going effort to reach out to diverse groups about the importance of archeological resources and the NPS mission, SEAC has launched an endeavor to increase its interactions with the general public.

In the Summer of 2010, Archeologist Thadra Stanton worked with local area Summer Camps to provide talks and demonstrations to different groups of school-age children. These included hands-on demonstrations of activities such as Native American Flintknapping. Flintknapping is the method of reducing rocks (chert) into useable knives and projectile points (arrowheads) that were once used by Native Americans



In November 2011, Archeologist Thadra Stanton and Archeological Aide Richard Allin visited a local elementary school and provided a demonstration on Native American pottery making. Students were introduced to how Native Americans used coils of clay to make pots and then used wooden paddles, corn cobs and shells to decorate the pots. Students then had an opportunity to make rubbings of some of the different decorations from unprovienced artifacts.

Wildlife Heritage and Outdoors (WHO) Festival





On Saturday Feb 4th, 2012 Archeologists Thadra Stanton and Drew Wise, as well as Administrative Officer Albert Kagler participated in the St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge’s, Wildlife Heritage and Outdoors (WHO) Festival. This annual event highlights outdoor events and activities both past and present! Thadra and Drew demonstrated atlatl throwing; handed out posters and bookmarks; and talked to visitors about archeology and NPS.


This is the second year that SEAC has participated in the WHO festival. In February 2011, Archeologist Thadra Stanton and Museum Technician Beth Dykstra braved the cold and wind to meet with people. Though it was cold, many visitors made it out and enjoyed the event and went home with posters and brochures. 


If you are interested in SEAC participating in your event, visiting with your school, or helping with your summer camp programs, please contactor Thadra Stanton at or Meredith Hardy at . SEAC offers several different programs to fit your needs!