Southeast Archeological Center
  • 3D Rendering of Shiloh Mound

    Southeast Archeological Center

    Cultural Resources National Park Service

Public Interpretation and Outreach

As an extension of the NPS and SEAC missions, SEAC’s Public Interpretation and Outreach Program provides technical assistance to parks, partners, and other Federal agencies relating to public interpretation and education about archeological and cultural heritage sites and issues. The program actively promotes public interpretation and awareness of our rich archeological and cultural heritage. Our outreach activities engage the local community and region at schools and other public venues. Staff members are actively engaged at park, regional, and national levels in coordinating archeological resources interpretation standards development and training. Our newly established Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) Program promotes archeological and cultural heritage appreciation, development of curriculum based lesson plans, and provides training for local teachers.

Core Functions:

  • Supports the NPS Mission for preservation and education by providing technical assistance to a wide variety of parks and partners

  • Provides cultural heritage education and outreach guidance within the NPS Southeast Region for parks and partners
  • At a national level, coordinates archeological resources interpretation training opportunities
  • Is the lead for interagency partnerships, assistance, and cooperative agreements for education and outreach


  • Collaborates with international, federal, state, tribal, and local governments and private organizations to develop educational and interpretive materials to promote archeological and cultural heritage appreciation and preservation.

  • Works with artists, writers, and educators to ensure high quality cultural heritage interpretation programs and products.