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    Southeast Archeological Center

    Cultural Resources National Park Service

Archeological Collections and Information Management

SEAC's Division of Archeological Collections and Information Management (ACIM) provides the following services:

  • Manages park archeological museum collections (accountability, preservation, conservation, and security) for parks in the Southeast Region of the National Park Service.
  • Maintains accession and cataloging information for park collections managed at SEAC.
  • Manages the backlog cataloging program for park archeological collections, both by SEAC staff and under cooperative agreements with universities.
  • Maintains the portion of the servicewide ICMS (Interior Collection Management System) database for park archeological collections managed at SEAC.
  • Manages the park cellulose nitrate film collections for the Southeast Region of the National Park Service.
Image of partially reconstructed Delftware plate.

Image of SEAC collections storage area.

Collections Facilities

  • Center archives contain records of archeological investigations from 60 parks in the Southeast Regional Office.
  • Collections: Over nine million objects and archival documents comprise the Center's collection.
  • SEAC maintains 4,203 square feet of dedication museum storage for archeological collections and archives, with separate climate control and security.

Technical Assistance
SEAC/ACIM employees participate in numerous NPS assistance roles, including participating in Collection Management Plan teams, assisting park units with museum inventories and annual reports, providing photographs and collections documentation to scholars and the general public, identifying and dating artifacts recovered from parks, and performing limited research into accessions for parks, researchers, and the general public. SEAC maintains a list of suppliers of NPS/SEAC standard archeological curatorial supplies, including bags and boxes, acid-free box inserts, and a range of other packing and storage supplies.  SEAC provides these supplies in limited quantities to parks when possible. ACIM staff members also have special expertise in the NPS standard ICMS  database software and provides technical assistance to park curatorial staff, cooperators, and contractors

For information about curatorial technical assistance, contact Richard Vernon at or (850) 580-3011 x145.